Daisy Themed Girl Baby Shower

My cousin is pregnant with a baby girl, and the family decided to throw a baby shower for her…  And guess who was asked to make the cake?  I’d be happy to!!

She loved the neapolitan cake I made for Christmas, so she requested the same flavor for her shower.  Her sister and I were coordinating how to decorate the cake, and she loved the idea for a bow on top of a square cake for a present.  So, here it is!  I used light pink buttercream to cover both tiers, and decorated with brown and a darker pink fondant.  I love the two-toned bow, it’s so cute.  The letters are made out of the fondant letters and numbers set, only the brown part is fondant, and the darker pink background is chocolate.  I attached lollipop sticks to the back of the letters to stand up on the cake.  The only downfall?  Well, the lower case P couldn’t be at the same level as the other letters.  Next time when making letters stand up on a cake, I’ll just go for all caps.  😉  Surprisingly, as time goes on, I’m less concerned about the icing reaching that perfectly smooth consistency and more concerned about the icing tasting yummy…which is why this cake’s buttercream icing isn’t all that perfect.  Technically, it’s more of a cream cheese icing, because…well, cream cheese icing is delicious.  Especially with the neapolitan flavor.

On to the cupcakes…  Under the chocolate icing is…Neapolitan!  You must be shocked.  Under the pink icing are the caramel apple cupcakes.  I tinted the cinnamon cream cheese icing a light pink to go along with the theme, and made the chocolate rattles and daisies to go on top.  Baby’s middle name is going to be Daisy, so of course there are daisies involved in this shower!

More daisies!  And rattles.  These are all chocolate lollipops, and super cute.  I was very happy with how the color scheme turned out for these lollipops, and they ended up being a good size.  Lots of sugar!  But hey, isn’t that what baby showers are all about?

Here’s the inside of the neapolitan cake…pretty and ohhhh so yummy!!

Boy Baby Shower

Another boy!  Seems like last year was the year for girls, but now the boys are catching up!  The hostess couldn’t decide between chocolate or strawberry, so we decided to do both.

Here are the chocolates, before adding as decorations.  As you can see, the colors are blue and green.  I used a toothpick to sketch in the different colors on the two-toned chocolates.

Ahh, the strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  These are really becoming a favorite.  I didn’t want to overload with all of the blue and green, so just stuck with the standard icing color and stuck the chocolates on there are decorations.

The cake is a 9 inch 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing in between the layers, covered with buttercream icing.  I added the duckie and carriage for a little more decoration with the blue and green.

Here’s my favorite part of the cake…the sleeping baby topper.  Yes, this is made out of solid chocolate.  I mixed peanut butter wafers with light pink to get the skin tone, and used a toothpick to trace out the detail of each color.  I got this mold from www.amazon.com.  I was so excited when I found this mold, and couldn’t wait to try it out.  Yes, that’s his little bottom peeking out of his pajamas.  Cutest chocolate topper!!

The cake and cupcakes all together and ready to go!  Very, very happy with how all of the chocolates turned out.  This should definitely satisfy the Mama’s sweet tooth!

Boy Baby Shower Cake/Cupcakes

This was for a somewhat large baby shower being thrown at the mom’s work.  The cake is a 3 layer 12 inch strawberry cake with cream cheese filling and buttercream icing.  The blue letters, booties, rattle, blocks, bears and carriages are all made out of chocolate.  This was a tall cake!  The cupcakes are yellow, with buttercream icing and chocolate decorations.  As you can see, the colors are blue and brown, and luckily I was able to match the icing to the chocolate, using light blue food coloring and light blue colored chocolate.  The brown is standard milk chocolate.  When doing multiple colors for chocolates, I use a toothpick and color in the specific areas, let it set and cover with other color(s).  Just be careful not to use “just out of the microwave” chocolate, because it will melt the other chocolate that’s already set.   I starred the icing on the sides of the cake to support the chocolates I used as decoration.

What I learned:  Next time I outline chocolate letters with icing, I’ll use a different method, like a small star tip.  I liked the idea of the straight outline, but there’s not a lot of room for error, and when your hands are shaking while doing this, it’s not a fun combination.  This cake was a little taller than I had anticipated, so next time I’ll just divide 2 batters between 3 pans, instead of making 3 batters.

Sports Baby Shower Cake

This cake is for a friend who’s having a baby boy.  Her husband is very into sports, so she wanted this as the theme.  I used the combination of light blue, dark blue, light green and dark green.

The bottom tier is a 3 layer 10 inch strawberry cake with cream cheese filling, the top tier is a 2 layer 8 inch yellow cake.  All of the decorations are made out of chocolate, I used the chocolate molds and with a toothpick, filled in the detailed colored parts.  The bottom silver cake board came in a pack of 2 at AC Moore, and thought it was perfect for square cakes.  Sometimes bases can get pretty expensive, but I wanted something a little better than just the plain white cardboards.  Since the sports ball chocolates were heavier, I decided to star the icing all over, to provide a more sturdy background for holding the chocolates in place.  With the glove on top, I mixed 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 peanut butter melting wafers to give it a lighter look for the glove.


Monkey Baby Shower Cake

The cake for this baby shower was a 3 layer 14 inch round cinnamon cake. I used cream cheese icing and piped it all over as stars using tip number 22, and made the rattles, baby bottles, safety pins and letters out of chocolate. The monkey is also made out of solid chocolate, and it ended up weighing 4 lbs!

I attached 2 large plastic dowel rods to the back of the monkey with chocolate and let it set, then placed it on the cake when I arrived at the site. I attached lollipop sticks to the back of each letter with chocolate to make it stand up straight. The rattle and bottle were attached to the monkey with icing, and I piped the bib on with icing.  In the future, I’ll make the larger letters out of gumpaste and/or fondant.  The look will be much smoother, and I can still attach lollipop sticks to the back to make them stand up on the cake.  The picture doesn’t do this cake justice, it was enormous!